Back pain is a very common symptom many people experience, especially people who have office jobs or do manual labor. Before you run for another Advil to help relieve your aches, why don’t you try yoga for back pain.

In the video above, yogi Tara Stiles is showing us two basic yoga poses that will open up your back and give you instant relief.

To get started, Stiles suggests trying Lizard Pose. You’ll do this pose on both sides and it will definitely open up your hips and therefore give you some relief in your back. It’s important to make sure you go slow, especially if your pain is chronic.

After you try Lizard Pose, give Bridge Pose a try. Bridge Pose is great for creating space in your spine, plus it’s easy to do. Get started by gently laying down on your back and then lifting your hips up. You can put your hands behind your back to intensify the stretch.

These two poses will work wonders on your back. They will also help improve your posture, which is so important in living a healthy life.

Watch the video above to see exactly how to do both moves, and be sure to consult your physician if you’re having severe pain.

Will you give yoga for back pain a try?


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