weight lifting belly fat

For a long time, many people having been singing praises to cardio as the ultimate fat blaster. After all, a heightened heart rate and dripping sweat always means calorie and fat burn, right? Well, studies are showing that it’s really not so simple.

More recently, those with sculpted physiques have been pointing to weight lifting as the ultimate body transformer. Of course, there is no one exercise that can target fat loss directly in one area, but studies are showing that those who practice strength training and lifting , are more likely to decrease belly fat than those who stick to cardio only.

The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study that found that men who completed 20 minutes of weight lifting a day were less likely to see an increase in belly fat than those who completed a 20 minute cardio workout.

The surprise comes usually when people go to inspect calorie burn. While a cardio workout will most likely result in a greater amount of calories burned in a short period of time, that number corresponds strictly to the allotted workout time and that time only. Conversely, the calorie burn may be lower for strength workouts, but more muscle = a higher calories burn around the clock – even while being completely sedentary.

This is not to say that you should skimp on your cardiovascular workouts, however. Being so great for your heart health, it’s worth it to include in your routine, but adding in more strength training could be just what you need to sculpt and chisel your waistline.

Better, yet, do workouts that involve both strength and cardiovascular components. Workouts like tabata will mean you will be getting two for the price of one.

Why is it so important to cut down on belly fat, you ask? Well, it’s not only for vanity’s sake. Abdominal obesity is important to keep track of due to its link with cardiovascular disease.

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