Whether you’re a man or a woman, chances are that you’ve been vying after a smaller waist or flatter abs. As a matter of fact, this has been such a desire for some that many have opted for crazy fads – specifically waist trainers among the female population.

While, yes, waist trainers do help whittle your waist, this is only a temporary change in your body and comes at the price of compressing your organs and potential side effects including increased acid reflux, difficulty breathing and more.

Instead, why don’t you strive for a more permanent and healthy change in your body. How to achieve this? Through conducting the right exercises, eating the right diet and getting plenty of rest for recovery. Take a look through this slideshow for some of the best exercises and tips you can perform in and out of the gym.

1. Russian Twists

waist whittling exercise

Russian twists work your abs all around – even your obliques. This insures you are creating definition to your waist.

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