veterans day ace salute you scholarship

November 11th marks Veterans Day in the United States and while it’s great to remember and salute our vets – who fought so valiantly to defend our freedom – there’s a whole lot more we can do for them.

Recent statistics report that up to 78 percent of U.S. Veterans are overweight or obese and more than two thirds consider finding a job the greatest challenge in transitioning back to “civilian life”.

Luckily, the world’s largest health and fitness nonprofit, The American Council On Exercise (ACE)  is making a concerted effort to make small, positive changes and contributions in this regard.

How exactly?

They are looking to grant personal training certification scholarships to U.S. Veterans – going by the name of the Salute You scholarship – so that these men and women will not only maintain a healthy lifestyle post serving, but also have a long-term career option to look forward to.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Cedric X Bryant, Chief Science Officer for ACE, has a goal to end the obesity epidemic by 2035 and this is simply a stepping stone for the organization in that direction.

And if there is any hesitation on this program’s effectiveness, there are already veterans-turned- ACE certified personal trainers with incredible success stories.

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What are some valuable outreach programs you know about for Veteran’s Day?


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