Who isn’t completely and totally excited for Thanksgiving? We sure are! While the holidays are always a time to spend with your family and friends, laughing and telling stories over a delicious plate of food or boozy cocktails, it can also mean a lot of awkward social interactions and fidgety moments.

This can especially be the case for vegans and vegetarians. Thanksgiving isn’t known to be one of the healthiest of days in the year, let alone animal-conscious – seeing as how turkey is one of the first things that come to mind when discussing a Thanksgiving menu. That’s all OK, however, because we’ve got some vegan dishes that are sure to make absolutely everyone happy. If you’re hosting this year, these are the only recipes you need to know about. Anything people can eat, vegans can eat, too!


Everyone knows that appetizers are almost always essential for passing the time up until the main dish is served. These recipes are a much healthier option to crackers and are sure to keep you satisfied. From rich poppers to a creamy soup, everyone will be satisfied.

1. Thanksgiving Stuffing Poppers via Beard and Bonnet

thanksgiving stuffing poppers

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