When it comes to healthy snacks, sometimes we get a bit tripped up. In a moment of hanger (i.e. hungry anger) we reach for the first thing we see that can be carried with us on the go and usually, that happens to be a chocolate bar or sweet of some sort.

While we would love to sit here and tell you that chopped up veggies dipped into homemade hummus is the perfect snack idea, the truth of the matter is that sometimes that is highly unrealistic. We’re not saying that is not the best option, but we are saying that in an age where we are always running around and on-the-go, sometimes the prospect of sitting down for a snack seems highly unrealistic.

Instead, we think it would be safe to reach for a nutrition, health, or protein bar. The trick here lies in knowing which bar is the best option to reach for. We cannot stress this enough: No two bars are created equally. While many companies splatter the word “natural”, “whole” or “nutritious” on their packaging, it doesn’t always mean that they are being honest. Oftentimes, these exact same bars are the ones filled with GMOs, sugar, additives, and preservatives. In essence, it’s all that yucky stuff we do not want in our bodies.

While going vegan is not for everyone, we definitely think that “going vegan” is the best way to go when picking out nutrition bars. This typically means that the ingredients list has been cut down tremendously , leaving you with nutrients and calories that your body can actually absorb and fill up on.

In addition to being vegan, these bars all have easily recognizable, identifiable, and pronounceable ingredients. This is a must when snacking right.

Take a look at the vegan bars we think should be your go-tos from here on out.

1. GoMacro

best vegan bars gomacro

As a vegan myself, GoMacro bars are my top pick. They pack a powerful punch of healthy fats and protein that is great for keeping you full and satisfied. The best flavors (in my humble opinion) are Protein Paradise Peanut Butter and Protein Paradise Cashew Caramel. Perhaps it’s the nut butter addict in me, but I can’t get enough. Some have criticized it for not having too much of a “taste”, but I think that if you accustom yourself to eating less processed and sugar-laden foods, this bar makes for the perfect treat.

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