We all have that one person (or people) in our life that is beyond difficult to shop for. Hunting down a birthday present for them might as well be a journey to find the Holy Grail. So much so, that it goes beyond the realm of, “What do you get the person who has everything?”. It is with a heavy heart, that I claim the roll of that person within my family.

So naturally, when my aunt asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I responded with my standard, “I don’t really need anything, but a Starbucks gift card would be nice.” Like any good college student and writer, coffee makes up roughly 80% of my bloodstream. But she wasn’t satisfied with that answer. After telling me I was boring, she said she’d figure something out. Something I’d never even heard of.

Cue: UrthBox, a website that mails you healthy snacks each month. When I’d gotten an email about my three month subscription, I figured it was either: A) a mistake the company had made, or B) a secret admirer (it was neither). My aunt had succeeded in her mission of getting me something unique, and I now I was able to enjoy cool, new, healthy snacks, delivered right to me. A totally win/win, right?

Urthbox has a very unique system. First, you chose how much snackage you want. UrthBox offers four sizes of boxes; Mini (6+ products), Small (12+ products), Medium (17+ products), and Large (24+ products). Then, you chose the amount of time you want to receive your subscription. The options are 3 months, 6 months, and a year. So far, so good.

They then ask you to pick a category of which your snacks will fall under; Classic, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Diet. I was torn between diet and classic, because I wasn’t sure if one option contained more healthy foods than the other. After Googling my heart out to see what each box would contain, I only found one review of the two of them. I chose Classic; it looked like it had overall more variety, and the snacks were still healthy. My 3 month, Small sized, Classic box was ready to go! I’d be getting the first delivery in February.

This is the part that rattled my cage a little. For the size and frequency of my order, the total came to $60. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt like that was a little too expensive for just 12 products that could be only granola bars for all I knew. Full disclosure: my aunt purchased my subscription through a website that offers otherwise high priced items at a discount, so she did not pay the full price. Now I was even more determined and excited to see what would arrive at my door come February.

When I opened it, this was what I found:

UrthBox, UrthBox review, healthy snacks


I’ve written up a list of all of the products that were in my February box, along with their sizes and retail value. Let’s see what these healthy foods are all about.

Inka Corn – 4oz, $15.99 for 6pk

urthbox review, urthbox

I’d never seen Inka Corn before, so I was beyond pumped about this product. And it certainly did not disappoint. These roasted giant corn kernels were just the right amount of salty and crunchy. And since they were so big, a handful was a decent enough snack for me. I began to crave them. When my bag was done, I couldn’t find this brand in any of the stores I went to. Luckily, Trader Joe’s sells essentially the same product. An 8 oz bag will only cost you $1.79. I bought the last four they had.

Next Organics Dark Chocolate Pretzels – 4 oz,  $4.39

These were absolutely delicious. I’m a big proponent of anything covered in chocolate, especially dark chocolate. These pretzels made a great treat when those late night sweets cravings kicked in.

Bare Fruit Salted Caramel Apple Chips – $1.89, 10 count for $25

I’m not a huge fan of dried fruit, but there’s a first time for everything. It took me a few “chips” to adjust, but after that I was happily munching. The salted caramel flavor wasn’t too strong, so if that’s what you’re looking for in this snack, it may be best to look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a subtly sweet, healthy alternative to a cookie, these apple chips make a great fix.

Sunrise Fresh Dried Cherries – 1oz (sample size) $12.99 for 16oz bag

Once again, I grappled with the whole dried fruit thing. In the name of science, I ate one. The dried cherry wasn’t bad, but I think I need more baby steps before I make that jump. Instead, I decided to get creative with this portion of my package. I made oatmeal protein cookies and added the cherries in as an extra flourish. They were wonderful, and the cherries gave the cookie a nice hint of tart. Maybe next time, dried fruit, maybe next time.

Bumble Bar Organic Energy Bar, Almond – 1.4 oz, $1.99 each or $18.88 for a 12pk.


I love protein bars. Love love love. They’re a great on-the-go snack, plus if you get the right ones, they don’t taste like cardboard. For this particular bar, I opened the packaging and was wondering why they’d accidentally sent me birdseed. But alas, this was really the bar. It was mostly made up of sesame seeds, with some chopped up almonds sprinkled through. It had a nice vanilla/cinnamon flavor to it, but I could only eat sesame seeds for so long. My first tip off should have been that this bar is gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free. There isn’t much left after that.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, .5 oz (sample size) – $15.50 for 1lb bag

This little sample bag of hemp hearts was one of my favorite items from my box this month. Not only had I never eaten them, I had no idea what to do with them!  Manitoba has a recipe section on their website for this kind of predicament, so I sprinkled them on my spinach salad. They added a nice, nutty flavor, which I wasn’t expecting. My next move is to put them in a protein shake, because believe it or not, hemp seeds are quite high in protein.

Shelton’s Pepperoni Flavored Turkey Jerky Stick – 36 count for $48

Do you ever get cravings for protein? Not the powder per say, but a protein rich food like jerky? Just me? Anyway, this jerky stick was so yummy, and came in handy when I wasn’t quite full. It made a great snack when I was still doing homework around 9:45pm, but didn’t want to cook a meal. Plus the pepperoni flavor wasn’t overly synthetic tasting.

Ricky’s Lucky Nuts, Coffee Flavor, 1.75 oz – $1.59 each, $24.00 for 12pk

These coffee roasted peanuts were divine. I don’t think there’s another way to describe them. Extreme yum factor.

Guru All Natural Energy Drink, 8.4 oz – $2.50 each

In lieu of my morning coffee, I grabbed this instead. It was pretty good, but the taste is hard to describe. It isn’t traditional like “grape” or “lemonade” flavor like many other energy drinks. It was sweet, though. The can was 100 calories and 25 grams of sugar, so if you are going to grab one for work, be mindful of that. I’ll get back to you on the energizing part.

Vintage Italia Spicy Tomato Herb Pasta Chips, 2 oz – $2.50 each, $30 for a 12pk of 5 oz bags

I’d seen these on sale in delis and coffee shops, but I’d never picked one up. The pasta chips were an acquired taste, but I did get used to it. I think my brain was automatically anticipating potato chips. They were reminiscent of a thinner Sun Chip to me, and I’m not sure if I diggin’ the flavor all too much. But I’d be totally willing to see what they’re garlic olive oil bag tastes like!

Betty Lou’s Ginseng Energy Ball, 1.4 oz – $1.25 each, $16.09 for 12 count

UrthBox, UrthBox product review

Well, for one, this snack cleared my sinuses in ten seconds flat. The ginseng flavor is strong. The nuts give it a great crunch though, and it’s a good snack for when you’re in a pinch. But I reiterate: strong ginseng flavor. If you’re not feeling a spicy kick to your day, Betty Lou’s makes these nut balls in an assortment of other flavors.

Snap Infusion Supercandy Tart, 1oz – $1.99

I was excited to try these candies too, which made them even more of a let down. They were chalky and reminded me of the vitamins I used to take as a kid. And you’d have to eat the entire bag to get the full nutritional dosage. Maybe it was just the tart flavor I didn’t care for, but I don’t see myself buying these in the future. If I want a dose of vitamin C, I’ll eat an orange.

Total Box Value: $22.00

Honestly, the February box had me underwhelmed. Some of the products were tasty, but it wasn’t what I had envisioned. The total value only added up to be a little more than $20, so I’m still questioning whether the product is worth it or not. Fingers crossed for March to be a little more thrilling!

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