tylenol for flu

Got a bad case of the flu? Well, it looks like you will have to turn to another method of relief seeing as how Tylenol has shown to be ineffective against flu symptoms such as reducing fever.

Researchers in New Zealand chose 80 adults with flu symptoms to give either a placebo or acetaminophen – the pharmaceutical name for Tylenol – four times a day for five days.

22 people in the placebo group and 24 in the Tylenol group had confirmed flu virus infections.

However, the Respirology study showed that between the placebo and Tylenol groups, there was no or minimal difference in severity of symptoms – including average daily temperature, maximum temperature, viral load, adherence to the medicine or time before all symptoms went away.

Dr. Irene Braithwaite of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand stated:

“I would say that there’s no clear evidence that it helps, and none that it’s harmful. But in animal models, it has been shown to be harmful. If you’re going to use it, use with care.”

Some better ideas to help you get over that yucky flu?

  1. Get a Flu Shot: First and foremost, prevention is key and while a flu shot surely does not ensure you will not get it, it’s a safe bet.
  2. Take zinc: For a speedier and mightier immune system, i would suggest taking zinc daily. It’s a game changer and will shorten the amount of time you have to deal with these yucky symptoms.
  3. Push the fluids: Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids – especially water. This helps flush out toxins in your system.
  4. Get enough rest and sleep: It may be hard to skip heading into the office, but we promise it’s for the best! Rest is essential in recovery and your colleagues will thank you for not getting them sick, too.
  5. Eat warm foods: This is more of an ayurvedic practice, but skip the salads when you’re feeling flu-y. Reach for warm soups, hot porridge, and warm macrobiotic bowls that will sooth your throat and tummy. Skip the cold salads for another day.

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