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The treadmill might be the most boring item ever invented. You run and run and never get anywhere, and time seems to slow down the second you climb aboard. And yet, a treadmill can give you a great cardiovascular workout if you’re dedicated enough. So how do you beat the treadmill doldrums (on top of the winter doldrums)? Try these no-fail boredom beaters.

1. Watch a movie on your phone or tablet.

You know that movie you could watch a million times and never get bored? That’s the movie you should be watching on the treadmill. Put in your earbuds and silently mouth along with Hans Gruber’s every line. Or run when Indiana Jones runs. See? Easy peasy.

2. Two words: musical soundtrack.

You can do it like the amateurs and just create a playlist on your iPod, or you can bring your A-game to the treadmill by downloading an entire musical soundtrack. The key is you can’t stop working out until Jean Valjean dies (SPOILER ALERT). Don’t like musicals? Sure you do. Its name is Little Shop of Horrors, and you can’t deny that you love it.

But really, any soundtrack or playlist will do as long as it pumps you up. It’s probably best to stay away from sappy love songs, but feel free to indulge in guilty pleasures. Whether it’s your favorite musicals, the Top 100, or an uncharacteristically gangsta rap playlist… whatever has you singing along!

3. Read a magazine, but a really interesting one.

Nothing kills a workout faster than a magazine that asks who wore it better to the 2011 Grammys. That’s why you need a magazine you can read cover to cover and kill at least 30 minutes doing it. You need thought provoking ideas. You need activities. You need a Crayon because HIGHLIGHTS. However, this advice is more suitable for low-intensity cardiovascular workouts. If you can read while performing HIIT, then you’re just not doing it right!

4. Have a TV show drinking game.

It’s time to finally watch that TV show you’ve been putting off for months. It’s called Breaking Bad. It’s on Netflix. Every time they say “Heisenberg,” you have to take a sip of water. Hydration is important! You can also do this with Mad Men and take a drink every time someone smokes – but that might mean drinking a lot of water… and getting a dreaded stitch.

5. People watch.

Gym people are fascinating people. There’s a whole amazing world around you at the gym, and all you have to do is look up from that timer and pay attention to it. Are those people riding the stationary bikes wearing latex gloves? Are they aliens? Is that guy by the mirrors flexing again? Find out today on AS THE GYM TURNS!

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How do you keep your treadmill tips fun yet effective?


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