We love a simple smashed avocado toast or the classic PB&J concoction, but if you are getting a little bored of the same old, this compilation of 5 tasty toast toppings will get you out of that rut.

You can expect a tricked out avocado toast, hazelnut toast, goat cheese, camembert, and even croque madame toasts that are perfect for every meal from breakfast to dessert. Luckily, the video provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to pile your toasts up high, with each recipe requiring no more than 5-10 ingredients. You may even find that you already have all the essentials hidden in your fridge or pantry. You just never thought to combine them in this way.

So, get inspired and make mealtime so much simpler with these tricked out toasts that will satisfy both your savory cravings and sweet tooth.

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What are some of your favorite toast toppings?


Featured image via Flickr


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