thanksgiving detox

We all say that this year, we’ll be “good” and stick to one serving and small portion sizes on Thanksgiving, but let’s be honest: Meh. Thanksgiving only comes once a year and we’re going to enjoy it. Whether it means eating one cookie or several, we stand 100% behind the fact that you should never, ever, ever associate food with guilt.

That’s a guaranteed way to form an unhealthy relationship around mealtime, and we never want that. Eat what you want the day of (within reason, of course, and without getting sick to your stomach) but know that the next day you will be more mindful about your decisions so you are feeling your best by Monday morning. If you’re at a loss for how to get back on track, this should be a helpful little guide to get you back to your fit-feeling self in no time.

Here are a few things to do to debloat and detox the day after Turkey Day.

1. Hot Water With Lemon

thanksgiving detox

You should really be incorporating this de-bloating secret into your everyday routine, but if ever there was a time to start, the day after Thanksgiving would be ideal. The hot lemon water gets your digestive tract moving. After all that gunk you put in there the day prior, you’ll definitely need the helping hand. It’s also great to flush out toxins, strengthen the liver, and relieve heart burn.

2. A.M. Workout

Get started on the right foot and get your workout on. Our recommendation would be to do an HIIT workout, followed by some body weight moves. The HIIT will get your heart rate up – meaning you will be incinerating calories, burning fat, and boosting your metabolism – while the strength training will add as a long-term metabolism booster, making sure you are scorching calories throughout the day.  Why the morning? This sets up your intention for the day. Believe us. If you keep putting it off till later on,  you might just find ways to weasel your way out of your workout. Give yourself no excuses. Wake up, lace up, and head off to the gym or even perform a simple tabata workout in your very own living room.

3.  Don’t Skip Breakfast

thanksgiving detox

Definitely do not skip breakfast. Compensating for the day before never works. Unless you’re really not hungry after your workout, nixing this meal will only make you hungrier at lunch time and that much likelier to grab a big bowl of leftovers – something we want to prevent. Instead, opt for something delicious, nutritious, and satisfying. Great options include eggs and greens with a piece of fruit, oatmeal or yogurt and fruit, or a rich smoothie.

4. Stay Busy

Spending time with the family is always so much fun, but vegging out can lead to mindless snacking (especially with all those delicious options lingering in the fridge). Make sure to keep yourself occupied. Luckily the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, so if it’s a little retail therapy that will get your hands out of the cookie jar, then go for it. If the mob is not your scene, plan a hike or walk with your loved ones, play board games, or find other ways to stay occupied/have fun in your area.

5. Eat De-Bloating Foods Throughout the Day

Breakfast is not the only meal you should keep your eye on the day after Thanksgiving. Make sure all your meals are well-balanced and include carbs, proteins, and fats. Take a look at this list of foods that help get and keep your tummy flat.

6. Stay Hydrated

thanksgiving detox

Now more than ever is when you should really keep an eye on how much water and fluids you are consuming. Aim for 2-3 liters to really flush out all the sodium, sugars, and toxins in your body. If you wake up feeling stiff and like a soccer ball has been lodged in your belly, it’s because of everything blocking up your system. This step is seriously required if you want to start feeling like yourself. Another great fuel tip is to drink green tea. Filled with antioxidants, having three cups a day is like a mini detox that doesn’t require something as drastic as a juice cleanse. Again, this really is a step you should be incorporating into every day and not just once a year.

7. Meditate

Ok, the nay-sayers may think this is an extreme, but it is Thanksgiving weekend after all, and meditation is all about giving thanks – to yourself and to the world. Meditation helps center your thoughts and helps in rebirth. By sending out good vibrations in the Universe, the time between now and Christmas will surely be a breeze and not a time filled with stress or guilt. Take a look at all the positive benefits of meditation here.

How will you get back on track the day after Thanksgiving?


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