When I was in college I heard a great talk from a well-known designer. Not only were his creative ideas intriguing, but also the way he approached life and success. A quote that stood out to me the most and has stuck with me all this time?

“It’s not happy people that are grateful, it’s grateful people that are happy.”

It’s been something that I’ve tried to remember everyday in my life. While many people are searching to have “more” or become better , they often forget to appreciate what is right in front of them or capable of at this present moment – until it’s gone.

So, what’s a better time to rethink thankfulness and gratefulness than Thanksgiving? While you should certainly kickstart your new mindset on this big holiday you should try integrating this into your daily life.

How exactly can you do this? Luckily, Happify has a great infographic to help you get started thinking about these things. From what we’re usually grateful for to how it can benefit your life and health, there are plenty of things to consider tomorrow and from here on out.

By exhibiting thankfulness for even the small things in life – like having a roof over your head, getting a good night’s rest or being able to surround yourself with faces you love – you will see more positivity seeping into your life. It may just surprise you!

thankfulness infographic

Image via Happify

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How will you practice thankfulness on Thanksgiving and beyond?


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