tea health benefits

Sugary drinks can pack on calories and pounds quickly, but choosing unsweetened tea instead may provide you with several health benefits. Drinking tea regularly can help you look — and feel — your best, and may reduce your disease risks. So, if you haven’t already, consider adding tea to your daily meal plan. Here are some notable tea health benefits:

Reduced Disease Risks

Tea consumption appears to help reduce your risk for certain chronic diseases — and chronic disease risk factors like inflammation and plaque buildup in your arteries. A review published in 2013 in Current Pharmaceutical Design reports that compounds present in black and green tea may help prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Harvard Health Publications confirms that polyphenols found in tea appear to lower risks for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Possible Anti-Aging Properties

Drinking green tea may prove to help you maintain younger, healthier-looking skin. According to the 2013 review in Current Pharmaceutical Design, tea has anti-aging properties. Another review published in 2105 in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition reports that evidence suggests polyphenols in green tea protect your skin against ultraviolet radiation and skin aging — including skin wrinkling.

Healthy Weight Management

Tea provides very few calories — just a few calories in each cup you drink. Therefore, if you consume unsweetened tea in place of higher-calorie alternatives like soda and juice, you may find it easier to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. This in turn decreases your risk for chronic diseases, and could boost your life expectancy if tea helps you cut excess calories long term.  

Energy Booster

Tea can help increase your energy level because many types of tea, including green and black teas, provide you with caffeine. A study published in 2014 in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that a boost of caffeine helps physical activity feel less difficult and more enjoyable — and helps you burn more calories and eat less throughout the day.

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