High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is at number 2 – right after body weight training – for the most influential trend in fitness for 2015. You want to know about a method that incorporates both? Tabata training.

Tabata is a training method pionereed by Izumi Tabata 1996, and the beauty of it is that not only will you incinerate fat thanks to its fast-moving, heart-pumping pace, but you will also gain strength through fairly basic, body weight movements such as push-ups. burpees, crunches, squats, and more. Plus, this workout is anything but long, monotonous or boring circuits.

As a matter of fact, this workout is so fast, you might even be a little skeptical. Don’t worry, we would be too, but for those of you on-the-go, this might be just what you are looking for. You don’t need a gym membership or any equipment. All you need is a tiny sliver of time and to lace up your sneakers.

Essentially, this tabata circuit consists of 8 movements. Each movement is to be performed only for 20 seconds and is followed by 10 seconds of rest. After rest, you then move on to the next movement. Training styles like this have been said to burn fat and even speed up your metabolism which means burning more calories throughout the day. Is that not a win-win?

While the below may only be a snippet of what a 45-60 minute Tabata class may be or feel like, you can repeat this circuit 3-4 times for a solid 15-20 minute workout. Can’t wake up in the morning? No problem! Can’t muster up the energy after a long day of work? It’s no big deal either, because you can do this right in the middle of your day. How about making the most of your lunch break this week?

If you loved this workout and this style of training, it is definitely worth downloading the Quick 4 Minute Workout – Tabata app. Tell us what you think!

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