Sushi cravings are almost impossible to ignore. They hit full force, and it seems like you can’t focus on anything else but munching on your favorite roll.

You then have a few options: Go out for a nice dinner with your friends, ignore your body’s needs, or test your stomach with the sushi sold by the mini mart. But why not get adventurous in the kitchen while satisfying your craving? These sushi recipes are delicious, packed with nutrients, and can be made in your very own kitchen. Some recipes are harder than others, but it’s always rewarding to work on a new skill. Let’s rock and roll! (Pun fully intended).

1. Avocado, Mango, and Kimchi Sushi Rolls via Keepin’ it Kind

sushi recipe

This vegan roll is perfect for when you can’t find what you want on a restaurant menu. The sweet of the mango perfectly balances out the flavor of the kimchi.

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