The beginning of summer means a lot of things; school is out of session, the weather is getting warmer, and barbecues are on the agenda. In addition, it is also the peak season to pick up some of our favorite fruits and vegetables. Eating the same grilled vegetable recipe can get boring, am I right?. So before you hit the beach or the patio, check out all this delicious in-season produce and some fun new ways to prepare them. Happy Summer!

1. Garlic

The ultimate avoidance if you want to make friends (or lovers), garlic gets a bad wrap. This year, be fearless; summer is actually the season to get the most flavorful garlic. From mincing it over some shrimp, to roasting whole cloves in chicken, garlic is a culinary staple. Try this fun recipe that let’s garlic take on a starring role in fast and delicious roasted garlic hummus via Healthy Seasonal Recipes.

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