It’s summertime which means a few things: It’s getting hotter out there and you’re amping up your workouts. I know, for me, getting in runs both indoors and outdoors has been a crucial part of getting leaner and staying in shape for the “skimpy clothing” weather. Especially in a place like New York where not only does it get hot out there, but it also gets humid, feeling comfortable in my shorts is a pretty big deal. But you know what else is even more of a big deal? Getting my body to cooperate with me on those outdoor runs.

It’s hot and sweaty out there and sometimes it feels like I’ve only gotten 5 minutes into my workout before I’m ready to call it quits. Instead of doing what your (lying) intuition is telling you to do , follow these summer run tips to stay calm and cool.

1. Run Early In The Mornings Or Late At Night

summer run tips

By running early in the morning or late at night (mornings preferable) you are skipping out on the heat of the sun – making your runs cooler and skin less affected by UVA/UVB damage.

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