You probably clicked on this article thinking that we were promoting liposuction and plastic surgery. On the contrary, stomach vacuums are the opposite; they’re the ab exercise you never knew you needed.

The stomach vacuum is an exercise that requires no equipment. You can do it either laying down, seated, or on your knees, depending on what is most comfortable for you. This move is what’s known as an isometric contracting, meaning that you’re tensing and engaging the muscles without really moving them. Stomach vacuums can be done in sets of 3, for 20 seconds each. You can increase the number of sets and duration as you go along each week.

No matter what position you choose, it’s very important to get your breathing right, as it’s the main part of this exercise.
First, exhale all of the air out of your lungs until they’re completely empty.

Next, inhale, and expand your chest as possible. Now you just hold your muscles.

But this isn’t an exercise in seeing how long you can hold your breath. Continue to take breaths while your abs are contracted. You’ll notice that your breathing is slower and shallow.

Think of pulling your bellybutton into your spine. After 20 seconds, release, and continue to the next rep.

Just like any other exercise, stomach vacuums need to be incorporated with other interval and abs training in order for you to see results. Spot training is a myth; you can’t lose weight in one area just because of a few moves. What makes stomach vacuums so effective is that they target the transverse abs. Transverse abs are on the inner part of the abdominal muscles that help with back strength and good posture. Often times, they’re neglected in ab workouts. These stomach vacuums will help you tighten them up.

You can even practice them in your downtime; while you’re stuck in traffic, sitting at your desk at work, or watching TV. Abs don’t happen overnight, but this move will definitely kick start your six pack.

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What are your favorite ab workouts?


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