When it comes to early mornings we typically stick to what we know. After all, most of us are rushing between working out and actually heading to work. Whether you make or grab a smoothie to go or whip up a quick batch of oatmeal, breakfast may be delicious, but it’s hardly ever anything to write home about.

We want to change that. You know what it’s the season for? Ice cream! But we don’t want you over-indulging, so we’ll give you the healthy foodie alternative: morning smoothie bowls. Blend up açai (optional), some fruit, ice and liquid of choice (i.e. almond milk, fruit juice, etc) and you have a truly deelicious concoction that you will want to last forever and ever

One of the best aspects of the smoothie bowl is that it is fully customizable. Swap in or swap out whatever ingredients you like and top with whatever you fancy. Take a look below at some of the most jaw-droppingly delicious recipes we have found.

1. Vegan, Gluten Free, Basic Acai Bowl via The Pig and Quill

smoothie bowl recipe 1

For a basic acai bowl that will get you through the morning, this recipe will fit the bill. We think it’s even detail-worthy.

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