Whether it was pulling an all nighter to finish a huge fifteen page paper, a casual dinner that turned into a night out, or sleep just avoiding you, having to get out of bed the next day is difficult. Why would anyone want to leave their cozy cocoon of blankets and happiness? Not to mention having to put on clothes and head out into the real world. That sounds awful, and can so easily be avoided by hitting the snooze button a few more times. The snooze button is always the solution to life’s toughest problems.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end, including those mere three hours of sleep you had.

Now, the thought of getting through the rest of your day – and functioning nonetheless – seems unbearable and impossible and although napping has been proven to be the best solution to revitalize the body midday, your boss may not be too psyched if you climbed onto your desk and checked out for a half an hour.

So how do you do it when the time between now and when you return to your bed feels like years?

We can all utter a mental “thank you” to the lovely people at New York Magazine for creating this informative video about the do’s and don’t’s of a sleep-deprived day. There are certainly mistakes in here that I’ve been making (ahem, coffee overloading) and you might be too. Take a look at the video below and see the most efficient and simple ways to recover from your lost hours of sleep. There’s also no shame in coming home and going to bed at 9pm. We feel that and probably more than you know.

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What are some of your best tips to deal with sleep deprivation?


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