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Get ready for this because I am about to show you some tough love. I’m sorry if you get offended but this needs to be done – for the sake of your health and overall well-being.

If you thought you were going to click on this post for actual excuses to justify your skipped workout, then this would probably be a good time to say that I tricked you.

You will find no such thing here.

Instead, I’m going to outline excuses people have told me when justifying why they decided to skimp on exercise. Then, I will explain why these are all moot points and why you should workout anyways. If anything, these are all excuses to actually work out, stop whining and start sweating.

1. It’s too early / It’s too late.

I understand that humans have personal preferences, but seriously. I’m sick of this one. You can train your body to get used to anything. If you ABSOLUTELY cannot wake up at 5 AM to get in your workout before work at 9 AM? It’s alright, just go in the evening. Not an evening person either? Go at lunch? Too sweaty for midday? I think it’s time for you to stop making excuses. Pick a time and stick to it. If you need to workout in the morning because working out after a long hard day sounds like torture (quite like myself), then make sure you get to bed earlier. The proper adjustments can make all the difference.

2. I’m tired.

You know what will realllllly wake you up? A workout!! Wooo. Who would have thought that the endorphins released during exercise would make you feel so lively? If you need to do something requiring a lot of power  or endurance, here are the steps to feeling more energized and awake for your workout: 1) Eat some carbs. Carbs are energy and a quick snack like a banana (which also has natural sugar) 30 minutes before your workout can boost your energy levels quickly, efficiently and healthily, and 2) Warm Up: You might not want to go directly into powerlifting if you’re running on less than enough sleep. Try a quick warm up on the treadmill, bike or elliptical. Even 5-10 minutes will do. Going for a run? Try these functional stretches.

3. I have no time.

Come on. Get real. There are 24 hours in a day and you are really telling me that you have NO time to workout, but just told me about this awesome new show on Netflix you marathoned through? News flash: I have a full time job, I am getting my health coach certification, live alone (so all the chores are done by yours truly) and I still manage to sneak in 1-2 hours daily for designated gym time.

The key here is knowing that there are certain things you have to give up. You can’t go to every happy hour. You can’t go out all the time. You can’t have Netflix marathons during the week. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice but it will be worth it.

You do have the time, you just don’t care enough to make it a priority.

4. It’s boring.

Yes, well. If I were on a hamster wheel for 1-2 hours everyday I, too, would get bored. When it comes to exercise there are so many methods and styles of training to try that it’s literally impossible to get “bored” – unless you’re actually a boring person. Think about it. There’s yoga, weight lifting, power lifting, barre methods, reformer classes, Pilates, HiiT, kettle bell workouts… You’re really going to tell me that all these workouts “bore” you?

Of course, you might feel pain and discomfort when you first start out but if you’re “bored” it’s probably because you’re a cardio bunny or stick to one single style of training. The key is varying your workouts so you are always excited and changing it up.

5. I’m sore/ It hurts.

One time I made my mother practice some yoga with me and the next day she said, “I am in so much pain I’m never doing that again!” It’s gonna hurt. Sometimes sitting on the toilet will be hard after leg day. I don’t know what to tell you, but after a while it will hurt less, because you will get better. Soon, you’ll be seeking that kind of pain and soreness that comes from a highly satisfying, high intensity workout. Believe me. You’re not dying. It’s a part of the process.

6. I’m old.

You are never too old to stay active. If you are in fairly good health, there’s no reason why you can’t be kicking butt like the rest of them. Sometimes I go to the most intense kickboxing or weight training classes and see people at least four times my age not only keeping up, but dominating.

If you have a specific body part that is fragile, then, of course you should modify. For example, if you have knee pain, perhaps it’s not best to do jump squats and opt for normal squats instead.

Ask your instructor before class if you have any concerns just to be safe.

7. But people are looking at me…

Oh, goodness. No one is looking at you. You know how there are so many mirrors at the gym? I guarantee you everyone is too busy looking at themselves to care about whatever you’re doing. The only times I look at someone are 1) If it’s a super attractive guy — sorry, I can’t help it or 2) It’s myself. In the mirror. I am checking myself out in the mirror 9 times out of 10.

Focus on what you’re doing and do your best. If you have any questions or concerns about your form or looking like you don’t know what’s going on, ask someone who works at your gym or the instructor.

I’m very fit, but recently I started spinning. I’m still a newbie to setting my bike up and you better believe I marched right up to the instructor with puppy eyes and asked for help. It’s best to ask for assistance when you need it than to be too scared to try anything new.

8. My friends said…

Oh, friends. This is a tricky subject, but here’s the thing with a lot of “friends” and “best friends”. You meet different people throughout life, and while at one time your drinking buddies were the ones you did absolutely everything with – brunched, wined, dined, etc. – they’re now the ones who are totally giving you the side eye for skipping out on the burger and a night out on the town.

What’s the deal? If your friends are treating you differently because you are totally in love with #thefitlife instead of supporting you or being inspired by you, they are not your real friends anyways, or at least not the ones you should feel inclined to keep around unless they respect you.

It sucks to acknowledge this, especially as I’ve had this happen a lot in my life as my focuses have shifted less from pleasing others to finding a healthy, holistic and well-balanced lifestyle, but it’s the truth.

Either have them understand where your head is at or cut your losses. People who are too thickheaded to cheer you on will hold you back, and why should you deal with that? They’re in the wrong. Not you.

9. I don’t care about physical appearance.

OK, cute. You’ll find that a lot of people in the health and wellness world don’t actually love working out and eating well because it gives them shredded abs or lean legs. Those are just added perks.

One of the main reasons people love working out? IT MAKES YOU FEEL AWESOME. Your mood is improved not only instantly after a workout, but consistent effort in the gym means progress/ And what does progress signify? That you are doing better, that you can be better and that you can surely become invincible. It’s addictive. In turn, that means you are also gifted with self-confidence which affects every area of your life from work to love & relationships, consistent gym effort and more.

One day, you’ll be in the middle of your workout and think, “Oh! This is what #beastmode is!”

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What are some excuses you’ve used to skip workouts?

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