The other day, I hit a wall. Not physically (although that’s known to happen to), but with my marathon training. With less than four months until I was scheduled to run over 13 miles, I could barely make it to six. It was disheartening to say the least, and I was so close to withdrawing my registration. But then I realized that running a half marathon is more rewarding than just getting to check it off of you bucket list. And no matter how many speed bumps you hit, it’s still worth it. Here are my 13.1 reasons why 13.1 miles should be met with deep anticipation, not crippling fear.

1. The Races Are Awesome

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You mean to tell me that at the Disney Half marathon I get to wear a tutu and a tiara? Sign me up right now. On a less glitter filled note, courses like the Philadelphia Half Marathon take you through the historic parts of the city and down scenic riverside paths, making the running more of an experience and less of a hassle.

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