Probiotics are something that should be included in everyone’s diet, but not everyone diligently ensures that it does. That being said, there are countless health (and beauty) benefits of including this in your meal and supplement plan. What are probiotics? Essentially they are live-active cultures of healthy bacteria that are extremely beneficial for your gut.

My first encounter with probiotics came many years ago after a stint with antibiotics thanks to a bad (and lengthy) case of strep throat. While the pain in my throat was swiftly soothed after a few days, my digestive system was less pleased with me. Antibiotics, of course, function with the sole purpose of killing bacteria but they do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria. Bad bacteria may cause damage to your system while good bacteria can actually support your system, warding off infections and imbalances in your body. By taking antibiotics I was killing off my intestinal flora, and needed to take probiotics to rebalance my system. To this day, I take probiotics for optimal gut health (among other things). What things are we referring to? Keep reading.

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