Las Vega Hardest Marathon

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Until recently Las Vegas wasn’t exactly renowned for its fitness events, however the city has changed its ethos of late. Sin City has transformed into some sort of ‘wellness city’, welcoming annual wellness and fitness expositions that the city hosts. Additionally, Las Vegas is also home to one of the biggest marathons in the U.S., which is attended by thousands from across the country.

Marathons have proven to be a useful addition to Las Vegas’ annual event calendar. After years of tourism numbers declining in Las Vegas, mainly due to gaming revenues being cut in half due to competition from digital portals, the city has been forced to offer its visitors a more varied palette of attractions and events.

For the last 50 years, people have traveled to Vegas for its casinos and bingo halls that helped popularize gaming halls across the globe and elevate the city’s profile as the entertainment capital of the world. Although, Vegas doesn’t hold quite the same appeal as it once did, as many bingo and casino enthusiasts prefer to play a variety of games against live dealers and experience “real-time action” from the comfort of their own homes, events such as the Las Vegas Expo Marathon helped give the city a new identity and a wider reach in terms of potential visitors to the city. The Express lists a number of advantages of playing live casino online, and this pretty much sums up the reasons why people prefer playing on the web now. It’s convenient, and you can play whenever and whenever you want.

If you’re planning on heading over to this year’s Las Vegas marathon, here are a few tips for you.

Pick a plan

Time management is extremely important. If you’re planning to take the marathon seriously, start by running a few kilometers. Then, increase the distance over time. You must do this every day in order to build your stamina, and train for at least 12 weeks leading up to the big event.


The problem with some marathoners is that they don’t have sufficient rest in between exercise. Rest is important to heal muscle soreness, and gives people time to replenish their energy stores while aiding the body in total recovery. Building up stamina and speed can’t be achieved by training alone. Remember that an ample amount of sleep and rest is important for the body to perform to its optimal level.

Watch what you eat

What you eat will play a crucial part to your training. Stay away from chocolate and other high-fructose food items as this can give you a sugar crash while training. Eat vegetables, particularly ginger and leafy green ones, to help heal your sore muscles. You may also eat blueberries, and other dark-colored fruits to reduce any delayed onset of muscle soreness or DOMS. Salmon, whole grain bread, and yogurt, on the other hand, are great sources of protein and energy for people who are training for a marathon.

Las Vegas’ annual marathon will be held between November 11-13 this year so there is lots of time to prepare. Let us know how you are preparing in our comments section below.


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