2. Extremes are unhealthy.

positive mindset shifts and changes

Sometimes when trying to implement a healthier lifestyle, people get too caught up in all this “clean eating” or becoming the epitome of health. Living like this will surely send you off the deep end and I know this from presonal experience. There’s an 80/20 rule for a reason and it’s because that 20% will be your sanity. You can have a cookie a couple times a week and not have to beg for forgiveness, or go to an occasional happy hour without having to “burn off the calories”. Holidays will come around and you should eat what you want because it’s a rare occasion. You don’t need to ostracize yourself to prove you are dedicated. Too much of a good thing really can be a bad thing and lead you to misery. I remember when I ate “super clean” and while I was certainly thinner, I was also miserable. Are a couple of pounds really worth it? Hurting yourself doesn’t make you a “beast”. It makes you someone who is overly attached to their ego.

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