When it comes to getting fit and working out, half the battle seems to be just getting to the gym in the first place. Every morning I pack my work bag with the essentials: a moleskin, wallet, make up bag, and (of course) my workout clothes and sneakers. Thanks to the admittedly dreadful and frigid winter weather, I know that going home after work for a change of clothes means never leaving the warmth ever again. To motivate myself I fill my bag to the brim and it gets just a tid bit messy. Oops.

However, thanks to this video, we never have to worry about messy gym clothes taking up too much room or making it hard to find our bare essentials ever again. After watching it, you’ll surely be just as keen as I am to try this “rolling method” of storing your clothes. Bonus, you can get in everything you need for a promising and hygienic workout including a sports bra, socks, soap… You name it, you go it. Within reason, of course. Unfortunately, the folks over at PureWow have yet to figure out how to get your sneakers all snug in there, but it’s a lot better than our previous messy debacle.

As they so generously pointed out, however, with this little trick you may even be getting on top of two of your 2015 resolutions in one: getting organized and getting your buttocks to the gym. We think it’s the best 1-2 punch ever – albeit simple. Take a look at the video below and add this little trick into your morning routine. You won’t forget a thing, and you might even have some extra room in your purse for those healthy snacks you promised you would bring to work weeks ago….

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What helpful folding tricks do you know?


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