Feeling down lately? While the holidays are among us and many are brimming with holiday spirit, plenty of others are feeling stressed, anxious, and maybe even a little depressed.  With all the festivities, one would think that this time of the year can only bring joy, but festivities also mean responsibilities. Whether it’s the gift shopping, parties, cramming at work, visiting relatives, or any other duty, it sometimes feels like a stress cloud is looming overhead. Even if it’s not the holidays on your mind (maybe it’s the only thing you’re looking forward to) and something seems to be weighing on you, it will be good to follow our natural stress relief advice.

Of course, the first thing we’ll tell you to do is breathe. Stop for a minute everyday and just breathe in and then out. This act alone is enough to detoxify the body. Often when we are stressed or anxious, our breathing becomes shallow. Taking a moment to acknowledge your breathing patterns might make you feel more calm than you would otherwise think.

Need more of a reason to stop and smell the proverbial roses? Not dealing with your stress can actually put your health at risk and manifest itself in a bevvy of other – perhaps more detrimental – ways. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can lead to anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, abnormal sleeping patterns, weight gain, and memory/concentration impairment. You know what’s worse for your stress? Any one of these problems added on top of your plate. Talk about a vicious cycle….

So, what can you do? Besides breathing, of course, these techniques have proven beneficial for many, including ourselves. Take a look and you might just find yourself incorporating any one of these techniques into your daily or weekly routine.


1. Aromatherapy

natural stress relief aromatherapy

Proven oils to be effective in stress relief are lavender and peppermint oils. When it comes to lavender, scientists have found that its benefits include reducing anxiety, lowering pulse rates (that deep breath we were talking about earlier), improve insomnia, and more. A few drops in your bath or in your lotion may be incredibly beneficial, especially right before bedtime. Peppermint has a similar effect and use on the body thanks to its cooling and energizing scent. For maximum benefits, place the peppermint oil directly on your pulse points such as temples and wrists.

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