Waking up is hard to do, but did you know that if you wake up and start your day off with some form of exercise, you’ll actually feel more energized throughout the day than if you slept those extra 10 minutes? And one of the best ways to get invigorated is by doing a little morning yoga.

In the video above, yogi Tara Stiles is showing us the best moves to get your blood pumping and get you ready for the day.

To begin, you’ll start in downward dog. From there, you’ll move in to push ups and back to downward dog. As you do this, try not to think about all you have to do that day — just focus and breathe. You’ll next float into a downward dog split, which will really open up your hips, and help as you move into a low lunge.

You’ll start to break a little sweat as you go from low lunge, to high lunge, to a twisted lunge!

Stiles then suggests going into a series of balancing poses including warrior three and dancer’s pose. Practicing balance poses will help you feel balanced throughout the rest of your day, which as we know is so important.

You’ll end your practice in standing position, feeling strong, happy and most importantly, healthy! Watch the video above to see Tara Stiles’ full yoga routine!

Do you practice morning yoga?


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