Working out in the morning is no easy feat, but with warmer weather and brighter skies earlier in the day, it’s safe to say that this will assuredly get easier for all of us – even if only a little bit. While I’m a big proponent for getting in your workouts whenever you can – morning, afternoon or night – there are undeniable benefits you can get from fitting in your workout early in the morning. One of the most impressive and instantly obvious? The great buzz you have going on for the rest of the day!

Because of this mood boost, even my productivity at work seems to shoot right up. If that’s not reason enough to wake up before the sun, then I don’t know what is. As a matter of fact, the difference is so apparent, that I have made it a goal of mine to fit in at least 2-3 morning workouts weekly. Determination alone, however, is not enough to make waking up before dawn all that easy. It’s become clear that some preparation definitely needs to go into it. Take my advice below and you’ll be up and at ’em for that morning call time in no time.

1. Get Adequate Sleep & Be Honest With Your Alarm Setting

morning workout tips

For me, it makes sense to head to bed early if I am planning on hitting the gym at 6 AM. However, it always confuses me when people are surprised when they can’t just jump out of bed at 5 -5:30 AM when they went to bed at 12 AM the night before (or should I say the morning of?)… Honestly, I even think heading to bed at 11 PM is a bit of a stretch for an AM workout. On a typical night, I will make sure to get my “full 8-10” – as I jokingly refer to it to my friends. This means that I typically shoot for 8-10 hours of sleep a night. If I am waking up at 5:30 AM, then I need be in bed by 9:30 or 10:00 PM at the very latest.

In addition to getting the proper amount of shuteye, you should always make sure you are very thorough with your alarm setting methods. I can sleep through just about anything, but if an alarm goes off, I’m up faster than  you can say “good morning”. On the other spectrum of things, there are plenty of people who just will not budge, or subconsciously hit the SNOOZE button when an alarm goes off. In this scenario, it is necessary to set multiple alarms or change the settings so that maybe something like your favorite upbeat song turns on instead of that annoying buzzer.

A final note on wake up time, make sure your volume is turned all the way UP and not on mute if you’re using your phone. This has happened to me before and it is the most frustrating thing on the planet. Don’t make my mistakes!

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