It’s the holidays and while we’re all about letting loose and indulging – for sanity’s sake – safety is also a huge factor when it comes to both major upcoming holidays, namely Christmas and New Year’s.

Unless you live in a big city where public transportation is everywhere (ahem, New York) or Uber is dirt cheap and reliable (cough, Los Angeles), chances are there will be some driving to do to and from parties. However, what did we learn about drinking and driving? It’s a huge no-no!

Instead, why not make sure there’s always a “virgin” option at your parties so that your DD can enjoy the festivities while making sure they’re safe to get themselves and others home.

The video above has three options to choose from including recipes for: Spiced Apple Cider, a Virgin Bloody Mary and a faux Cosmo.

Your designated driver will thank you.

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Are there any mocktail recipes you love?


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