While desk jobs are becoming more and more standard nowadays, it’s still disgustingly unhealthy. Yes, even as we sit here writing these articles, we realize that our 9-6 jobs are slowly killing us. If they’re not killing us now, then they’re definitely making us ache. Naturally, we do all we can to stretch, strengthen, and detoxify the body from day-to-day toxin build-up. That being said, studies have shown that even exercising regularly does not help alleviate any of these health concerns, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol, or even early death.

That being said, we are at least grateful that many people are realizing how bad it is for our bodies to be sitting at a desk all day and are incorporating standing desks, walking meetings, and company health programs into the lives of workers. Even despite this, the average adult may spend 50-70% of their day hunched over a computer which leads to, first and foremost. a serious case of dreaded lower back pain. Of course walking around may help, but sometimes that simply isn’t possible in your work environment.

What to do next? Make sure the time you do spend in the gym is worth it, because what good is working out if it doesn’t help you function in your life daily? Stan Dutton over at FITOCRACY has created these stellar tutorials on back exercises that you simply must incorporate into your strength training routine for a stronger and less painful spine. Take a look.

For more info on back exercises or how sitting affects your lumbar, head on over to FITOCRACY.  Also you can check out freeyourspine.info to find the appropriate guidance on how to reduce lower back pain, strengthen your spinal health and much more.

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What are some of your favorite lower back exercises?



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