Like any other beauty regimen – for example, hair or skin – having healthy nails is a very important part of our pulled-together appearance. Whether in a casual or business setting, well-manicured finger nails give you an overall groomed and healthy look. There are many people out there, myself included, that tend to bite their nails now and again due to stress or what have you. Here are the amazing nail tips that I have personally used to get longer, stronger and healthier nails. Plus, a clean canvas with a splash of color to compliment my look never hurt anyone either!

1. Don’t Mess With The Cuticles

long nails tips

Your cuticles are a natural barrier for bacteria. Not only can cutting the cuticles leave you red and irritated but an infection can form which can lead to permanent nail damage. If you are going to manipulate your cuticles at all, leave it to a professional. Don’t try to cut them yourself.

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