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If there is one workout that we have come to know and love, it would certainly be Kickboxing. It’s fun and, perhaps more importantly, effective. Kickboxing – whether it’s Thai, Cardio or anything in between – not only helps you gain strength in the major muscle groups, but also blasts fat.

If you think kickboxing is “too aggressive“, you probably don’t know much about the art in the first place. It’s one of those workouts that exercises your mind as much as it does your body, but that’s not all. Here are some of the greatest reasons to try kickboxing immediately.

Want to take the plunge and try it out? Take a look at the video above for an awesome 10-minute Cardio Thai Kickboxing routine that will surely work up a sweat.

1. It’s great for your arms.

I am not exaggerating when I say that each kickboxing class I take always makes my upper arms ache a few days after – even just a bit. With all those jabs, uppercuts and hooks coupled with countless repetitions and ever-changing combinations, your arms will get quite  a workout. It’s an amazing upper body routine that requires no weight, just keeping up.

2. It can lift your seat.

Those ducks you see in boxing matches really do take a toll on you when you have to repeat them 100 times! If performed correctly, it can have a great effect on your upper thighs and glutes. Back kicks, roundhouse kicks and side kicks also target several other gluteal muscles, making sure you have a perfectly lifted seat.

3. It practically guarantees shredded abs.

Ok, nothing guarantees shredded abs, but you would be surprised by how much of an ab workout all those kicks can be – working your lower, upper and side (oblique) abs. In addition, many kickboxing classes have a plank routine that will absolutely wear you and your abs out. If you can make sure not to drop to your knees, I promise you will see and feel results.

4. It blasts fat.

A lot of kickboxing is cardio – sans the machine! Isn’t that great? While cardio may not be your favorite, raising your heart rate is absolutely the key to burning fat. You may think that throwing a few punches and making a few kicks is hardly enough to make you sweat, but you would be terribly mistaken. Add in those front jump kicks and you’ll be wondering how people in the movies make it look so easy.

5. It helps with coordination.

As all newbies will all learn in their first class, keeping up with the directions of an instructor is often more difficult for some than others. He/she will be yelling out, “Jab, front, uppercut, hook!” with alternating arms and you’ll be wondering if you will ever learn how to keep up. Good news: With practice, you will.

6. It’s a great mental exercise.

In the same vein as the benefit of coordination, kickboxing involves thinking about the sequence and then connecting that to bodily movements. In some cases, letting your body takeover is a mental exercise in and of itself! It’s one of the few workouts that involve actual thought and coordination – unlike repetitive workouts like running or repetitions of lifting heavy weights.

7. It can seriously boost your confidence.

What could possibly help you feel more bada** then learning how to box? Seriously, think about it. Nothing! I know when I’m looking in the mirror and see myself throwing jabs like it ain’t no thang, I’m like, “WOW, who would mess with me?!” No one. That’s who.

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Have you tried kickboxing yet? What are you waiting for?


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