If you thought that technology, innovation and fitness were slowly becoming more and more symbiotic, you would definitely be right. There are apps, wearable technology, and even institutions that are making a huge impact on how we view getting sweaty. Below we have a list of the 10 most innovative fitness companies of 2015 as named by Fast Company. Which ones have you heard of?

1. Catapult Sports

most innovative fitness companiesImage via LinkedIn

Used by many professional teams and growing in sales by 70%, Catapult uses a GPS device that can measure an athlete’s heart rate, power, speed, fatigue and optimal performance level while they are training or in competition. Athletes wear it on their bodies which enables coaches to see when their players are most tired. This allows them to schedule rotations so whoever is on the court or field at any one time is at their maximum performance level. Teams from the NFL, NBA, collegiate and national level, are all jumping on board with this.

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