When it comes to athletic performance, we all know that stretching is not only incredibly beneficial, but also necessary. Stretching helps prevent injury and helps warm you up/cool you down. However, many unfortunately choose to opt out of necessary stretches which leads to decreased mobility and deteriorating posture in the long-term. Whether you’re an avid runner or hard core weight lifter, flexibility should still be made a priority as it will keep your body lean and malleable.

There’s no reason not to be able to squat down onto a seated position or be able to touch your toes. Incorporate these stretches at least 3 times a week for gradual improvement in all areas from your hips, hamstrings, back and even shoulders. The best part? No equipment is required and you can do this right from home while watching TV. Other ideas include performing them directly post-workout, during your yoga practice or perhaps as a morning “wake-me-up” sequence.

Take a look at our favorite stretches that improve flexibility over time!

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