We pretty much can’t go anywhere without being pinged and dinged by alerts from our phones and computers. It’s pretty hard to unplug or just think for a minute with the constant distraction that comes from texts, emails, games, Facebook, etc.

And while we all like the sound of completely unplugging, it’s just not realistic, which is why the video above is pretty great. You’re going to learn three easy ways to unplug yet still stay connected. That’s right, you can take a break from the action, but still find out if your boss sent a super important email.

We were most impress with the first hack that shows you how to limit your phone’s email notifications. When you’re trying to unwind, you don’t need to know about your 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but again, you might need to hear what your boss has to say.

Simply find the email-to-text format for your cellphone provider (it’s usually your [email protected]) and forward emails from your boss to that email. By doing this, you’ll receive those emails as text, so you can feel comfortable turning off email notifications! Pretty clever, huh?

To find out some other great ways to unplug, watch the video above!

Do you have any hacks that help you unplug?


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