Hello and welcome, that special time is among us. Yes, you guessed it. It’s cold and flu season! Alright, we guess it’s not all that special. As a matter of fact, it’s quite dreadful. If you have yet to get a cold this Fall, lucky you, but we guess you can sense it just creeping around every corner. Our suggestions would be to get yourself a flu shot and make sure you wash your hands every chance you get! Alright, don’t get obsessive over it, but be mindful, not only for your health but for others’ as well.

If you have already gotten a cold, then you will know just how miserable it is, but is there a way to make your cold more bearable or even shorter. The answer may surprise you.

When I was younger (and perhaps this is just something attributed to being a child), my colds felt like they would take at least 8 days to get over. There was the period you would feel it coming on, the most miserable peak, and then finally slowly getting over it. All I would do is push the syrups and cold & flu pills to try and feel better. However, as I’ve gotten older and begun educating myself on the power of homeopathic remedies, I have found that other more natural alternatives are much more beneficial by helping me feel better and even shortening the cold.

As a matter of fact, just last Tuesday I felt a cold creeping up on me. I took a combination of these remedies and by Saturday I was as good as new and was even able to hit the gym! Take a look below.

1. Oscillococcinum


By French-based company BOIRON, Oscillococcinum is my first purchase at the drug store at the first sign of a cold. It helps relieve flu-like symptoms that are sometimes accompanied by colds such as fatigue and body aches. If you are as busy as we are, you will know that these are the symptoms that cause the most disruption in our lives. Sometimes you just can’t afford to slow all the way down.

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