Going on an adventure – by land or air – is always exciting. Yet, in all that excitement, there’s also a great deal of stress. Not only is the baby in the row in front of you screaming its head off, but your foot is cramped and you don’t want to move. Maybe you and your friends are road tripping somewhere neat but the driver has the worst car playlist ever. While we can’t help with your friend’s Nickleback obsession, we can give you these stellar healthy travel tips to make your time away much more enjoyable. (Earplugs not included.)

1. Stay Hydrated

healthy travel tips

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Whether you’re stuck in a random city on a six hour layover or have a long drive ahead of you, it’s essential to keep your body hydrated. Fill up a filtered water bottle and take it with you, because… well, does anyone really trust airport and truck stop water fountains? You’ll feel much better when the air pressure changes when your flight takes off, and when you land in a different environment. It is recommended to drink 8oz of water every hour you are in the air, but when are flight attendants ever that attentive? Don’t forget to eat water rich foods such as salads and apples, to hydrate you while filling your body with nutrients. Put a cooler in the back of your car to store cases of water bottles or other hydrating drinks such as coconut water as well.

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