You’ve heard the stories. Mothers-to-be hunched over the toilet for days on end with morning sickness and pain.

It seems as though they tell you these stories so that you never want to have kids. Also, don’t get us started on the ways the movies portray giving birth – the woman sweating and screaming looking like she has never been in so much pain in her entire life while the husband tries to not pass out or lose circulation in his entire arm.

Although I’m sure the stories we hear and the movies we see aren’t too far fetched from the real deal, there are ways you can stay happy, healthy and (predominantly) worry free all nine months. Take a look at these tips below for a healthy pregnancy. Talk about having a glow!

1. See Your Doctor (Regularly)

healthy pregnancy tips

Even before you become pregnant – and especially the first time – it’s a really good idea to visit your doctor or practitioner. They are there to answer any questions and concerns you may have on being pregnant. They’ve heard it all before, so don’t be afraid if you think your question might sound silly.

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