To be honest, we are quite confused. Some are saying that National Pancake Week is the last week of February, while some are saying it is actually this week. Sources have also said that National Pancake Day actually happened on February 17th, while still others claim that it won’t roll around until February 28th or even March.

We’re really in a tizzy over here, but we think it’s best to cover it now before the confusion gets any worse. Plus, we can’t deny that we will take absolutely any opportunity to talk about pancakes. Because… well, pancakes.

While many often think of them as a breakfast indulgence reserved for only especially adventurous Sunday brunches, we think you can really have them at any time of the week without them busting your healthy eating plan.

With these purely genius and delicious recipes, you might not even believe that these options are actually good for you. Too good to be true? Not with these recipes.

1. 2-Ingredient, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Pancakes via Top With Cinnamon

healthy pancakes 1

The only thing that makes this recipe better is that it actually only requires 2 ingredients. It doesn’t get easier and more satisfying. Drizzle with maple syrup and top with berries for a rounded out meal.

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