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With the holidays being here, there is a big chance that many of you will be traveling somewhere at least once. And while we all like to take some time off and either visit somewhere totally new or burrow under the covers of our childhood bedroom back at our folks’, actually getting there can be a hassle, be uncomfortable or lead to some unhealthy tendencies (airport food, anyone?!) that’s why we’ve outlined some healthy holiday travel tips that will keep you sane… at least!

Learn To Pack In Advance

It’s easy to procrastinate and end up packing the night before or even several hours before you are due on your flight. This may end well, but it’s more likely than not that that it will create stress or lead you to forget something. Try taking the time to pack at least the essentials the weekend before you are due to leave. Throughout the week you will calmly be able to pick and choose extra items you want to bring. Feeling prepared is the best feeling and will certainly settle your mind.

Get Some Sleep The Night Before

Sometimes the excitement is all too much to handle and we feel like staying up all night, but that is really counter productive. To deal with checking in, baggage, customs, etc. you have to be alert! Also, the more run down and tired you feel the more likely you will be to indulge on all that airport junk, which is a whole other point we will make later…

Strengthen Your Immune System

My aunt has some crazy remedies like eating raw onions and garlic before getting on a flight to make sure not to catch anything, but there are other more “normal” practices as well. For example, drinking enough water and green tea (which is full of antioxidants) is important, but also making sure to take things like vitamin C, zinc and even a daily multi-vitamin are essential.

Pack Healthy Snacks

For some reason, something about the airport always makes me feel hungrier than I actually am. I can’t figure out why, but it happens every time. Instead of buying all the snacks at the tabloid store – which are both unhealthy and costly – or indulging in something like a hot dog or fast food, pack healthy snacks!

I absolutely always pack nuts and seeds, protein bars like Quest Bars, apples, bananas and sandwiches depending on the length of my flight. Remember the liquid policy as well so none of your beverages end up in the trash!

Bring A Neck Cushion

This isn’t absolutely essential, but for long flights especially you will want to make sure that you are able to rest easily without developing neck pains or spasms. Buy a neck cushion at your local drugstore, Target or something similar as they will be a fraction of the cost of what they cost at the airport. If you need back support, bring that along, too. Sitting for long hours can cause body pains and you will want to do whatever is possible to prevent that.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

We know it’s tempting to look cute at the airport. After all, you never know who you’ll meet! That being said, it’s certainly possible to look good while feeling good, too. Try to wear comfortable clothes that promote circulation (that means not skin tight dresses) and steer clear of the high heels. Opt for flowing pants or shorts, cotton tops and weather appropriate outerwear like sweaters or coats depending on how cold it is.

Don’t Forget Entertainment

Finally, for a sane trip, make sure you bring proper entertainment. Whether that’s a fully charged cell phone, magazines, your favorite novel or downloaded movies on your laptop, whatever keeps you semi-entertained for when you’re not sleeping may not making you “healthy” but it will keep your comfortable and content – which is just as important!

Do Some Light Stretches When You Arrive

Chances are that you will feel bloated and like you have retained a lot of water after a flight and especially after long flights. That’s why its key to cleanse your lymphatic system by performing light stretches once you get to your final destination is so important. This will also help you bounce back after sitting for a few hours to relieve any aches or soreness.

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What are some healthy holiday travel tips you would like to share?


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