Halloween is typically known as the most candy-filled holiday of them all. Kids walk around with pumpkin buckets, going from door to door, asking their neighbors for tricks or treats when in all honesty, it’s only the “treats” they’re really after.

In preparation for the big night, many people stock up on bulk bags of this candy claiming that it’s “for the children”, when in reality you’ll be picking at the goodies the whole week leading up to it. No judgement, but you can’t deny that it’s true. Instead, lock up those goodies and make some of their healthier alternatives instead.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth or entertain your guests at what will undoubtedly be the part of the year, these healthy Halloween desserts will be the perfect go-tos. Who says you can’t have a Snickers when you’re eating healthy?

1. Twix Bars via Chocolate Covered Katie

healthy halloween candy 1

Chocolate Covered Katie is definitely one of our go-to healthy, vegan bloggers because she has a magical way of turning some of our favorite desserts into a healthier option. These require only 7 ingredients and they’re all whole ingredients. No yucky stuff, ever.

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