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When it comes to eating candy on Halloween, is there such a thing as the “better” option for you? We (and the pros) say yes!

Look, if there is one thing we are certainly not about, it’s deprivation. That can only lead to wanting what you’re depriving yourself of more than ever before. A huge pitfall of many “clean eaters” is that they will eat clean throughout the week and eat to excess on the weekend. It’s best to let yourself enjoy life’s little indulgences, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be smart about it.

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So, what candy is better to eat? A rule of thumb is to think about food in terms of nutrients of course. For example, an all-sugar candy like candy corn has much less to offer than an Almond Joy which actually contains ingredients like almonds and coconut shreds – albeit in scarce amounts.

Jennifer Willhoughby, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, recently told TIME:

“The worst kind of Halloween candy is any candy made of pure sugar, like Skittles, Pixy Stix, Airheads and candy corn.”

While I’m not saying you should go out and eat a bucket of Almond Joys (you’ll feel gross the next day!), you can feel at least a little better about having at least slightly more than your fair share tomorrow night.

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A simple formula to follow on Halloween is probably a formula you would probably follow in your everyday healthy eating routine. Ask yourself: Is this real food? And no, obviously sugar doesn’t count – seeing as how sugar is only a sweetener known to spike your insulin levels, triggering further cravings and fat storage.

Instead, things that contain foods you would otherwise eat – like fruits and nuts – will fill you up faster and be better for you overall.

Better yet, they won’t stick to your teeth – causing plaque buildup and tooth decay like those gummy worms and and Sour Patch Kids.

According to this TIME article, several nutritionists and registered dietitians gave the classic Snickers’ the go-ahead for “best candy to eat on Halloween.” So, pick up a few and have fun! The next day, get back to your healthy eating and workout routine and be glad you got to enjoy the first of the lineup of holidays.

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