Even you have seen it before.

Wearing their perfect little Lulu outfits, ready to hit the gym, but not wanting to sweat… because it will mess up their hair.

Chugging that gatorade and doing daily heavy weight lifting sessions… only.

Or, teasing those who take “wimpy” yoga class.

Put all of these things under the trends that seem to be way too common at the gym.

As a lifelong fitness-junkie (or should we say junky?), avid gym-goer, instructor and trainer, I get to see many trends, but on top of that, I get to witness where people often make regrettable choices.

Some of the more egregious trends I have seen (which I hope will soon disappear forever into some distant black hole) are as follows. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

1. “I hit the gym and train hard every day.  Why does my body feel worn down and damaged?!”

gym mistakes

You are overtraining!  Don’t do it.

You need to mix your exercise routines and make sure you give yourself rest days to let your body heal and repair itself.
So, you might be hitting the red carpet, taking a warm-weather getaway where you will only wear a bathing suit, or whatever it is where you want to show off your physique… Training multiple times a day and every day at the gym will give you that strong and toned look, right? Nope.

Over-training will eventually cause that stress hormone, cortisol to drop (you want balanced cortisol levels rather than too high or low) and elevates the adrenal hormones,  — that is a recipe for disaster. Taking rest days and getting good sleep will allow you to experience the benefits of exercise.

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