Getting clear skin is something we all want, but can’t always seem to attain all that easily. Luckily, with some trial and error, these are some of the best tips I can give to keep a bright visage without always having to visit the dermatologist for that trusty cortisone shot. From cleansing to SPF and everything in between, we cover all the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to your skin.

1. Visit The Dermatologist

get clear skin

First and foremost, if you are struggling with really unsettling skin conditions such as moderate-severe acne or deeply embedded wrinkles that you can’t seem to shake, then it’s best to head to your dermatologist. More likely than not, they will get at the root of your problem and prescribe you with a treatment that is highly effective. For both scenarios mentioned above, many are typically put on a round of Retin A (or generic Tretinoin) that clears up everything from acne, scars, to wrinkles. Talk to your doctor to see your options.

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