Whenever I’m in a store, I always take time to admire the cute workout gear.

In most cases, I end up walking away because it doesn’t really move me, I’m next to broke, or I have no idea how such a contraption could be functional (why does this tank top have sixteen straps?). But every once in a while, it happens. Surrounded by racks and racks of other clothes, I lock eyes with the perfect workout shirt, and my destiny is sealed. It’s not that these shirts are overly fashionable or high tech; they’re sassy, they’re to the point, and they’re exactly how I feel when it comes time to hit the gym. They see into my soul, and what else could I ask of my exercise apparel other than that? Check out some of our favorite shirts that will have you saying, “OMG, that’s 100% me right there.”

1. Bottomless Breadsticks Beware

funny workout shirts

Olive Garden is the place where many diets go to die. But we’re not pointing any fingers, those breadsticks are so darn good. Human Apparel couldn’t have summed it up better for us. Why not have both?

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