If there is one thing I absolutely abhor, it would certainly be traveling. The destinations are always fun and cool, but actually getting on an airplane and going through the stress of airport security is enough to put me in a frenzy – not to mention put a dent in my health kick. From lack of sleep to lack of healthy snacks, there’s nothing fun about being on a plane or in an airport.

With the end of a long weekend, we are sure many of your are flying back home to your jobs and daily activities. Soon, regular ol’ life will resume, but how can you make sure you et there in a more refreshed state? This infographic by Thomas Cook is certainly one we will be taking a look at for pointers and tips..

It covers everything from what you should do before your flight – like avoiding heavy meals (even though those Nathan’s hot dogs seems strangely enticing), wearing comfortable clothing and limiting caffeine – to the kinds of exercises and stretches you should be performing in flight to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness.

There are detailed graphics outlining the exact moves (such as knee ups, shoulder rolls and neck rolls) along with how long you should be performing them and how many times to repeat them. Who knew plane exercise was so important?

Put these tips to good use on every flight and you should be good to go. These are especially important on long international flights, but you can’t deny that even just going cross-country is equally exhausting!

Pack light, eat light, drink a lot of water and practice these stretches. Also, bring a blind fold to catch some Zzz’s. If you follow these tips, a flight will never leave you feeling exhausted and groggy ever again.

flying tips infograph

Infographic via Thomas Cook

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What in-flight tips do you have for others?



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