One thing we are seeing more and more of is the gamification of fitness. From  brand new competitive cycling classes, such as The Pursuit by Equinox to uber-cool running apps like Fleety or RunKeeper, gamifying your workouts add a whole new dimension of motivation that is just the extra push many are looking for. Couple this with the fact that tech is more and more seamlessly integrated with hitting the gym and we have many console and interactive entertainment companies scrambling to keep up and provide. With Nike+Kinect Training and Wii Fit Plus Training, it looks like Atari is aiming to get in on the action – literally.

Atari has announced Atari Fit, a gamified fitness app coming to mobile devices in early 2015. Having teamed up with Michael Porter – a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer, the game will provide more than 150 exercises that include full body circuit workouts, running programs, and custom routines. In addition Atari Fit can motivate users to workout through their unique reward system. Earning points in the app for completed workouts unlocks classic Atari games including PongCentipedeSuper Breakout and more.

While we can only expect the best (and most fun) from the legendary company, thanks to the fitness professional resource all exercises are ensure to be not only effective but also safe.

“By certifying all exercise and workout routines included in the app, Atari Fit is ensuring that the programs are safe and effective. The variety of programs and features incorporated were designed for users at every level, making exercising fun for the new est of fitness followers to the most experienced athletes.”

In addition to unlocking games, there are plenty of other incredible features including exercise tips, tracking capabilities (for distance, speed, pace, and calories burned), multiplayer access, and social media integration. If the game won’t motivate you enough, at least your friends on twitter and Facebook will.

We are not sure about you, but we would love to try this out – not only because of the nostalgia-inducing games but also thanks to its innovative approach to working out. While the reward to working out can sometimes seem far off in the distant future, Atari Fit – and others who are gamifying their workouts – is making them that much more tangible.



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