When it comes to athletic apparel  (especially for the ladies) we always want the best, but do not necessarily want to pay the most for it. While we can shill out the cash for it begrudgingly, there’s always a little voice in our heads thinking that there must be a better and much cheaper alternative.

Luckily, we’ve done all the grunt work for you and found a few affordable options that you will simply adore. Stay motivated with those workouts, because now laundry day may only need to come once a week!

1. Fabletics

affordable sports bras 1

When it comes to celebrity-designed apparel, I am sure I won’t be alone in saying that I tend to cringe a little. While Kate Hudson’s Fabletics won’t be winning any CFDA awards, it’s simple, stylish and affordable enough to make us want many of their pieces (especially the sports bras) in our arsenal. Personally, I love any kind of sports bra with a feminine touch such as criss-crossing or intricate straps.

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