fertility superfoods

Trying for a baby but having a tough time at it?

While I can’t promise that these super foods will mean conceiving a baby immediately, there are certain additions you should really be making to your diet. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to be more conscious of what you are putting in your body, anyways.

That being said, first thing’s first: Focus on having a well-balanced and wholesome diet. Of course, there are moms out there who have no problem with conception despite eating a less than desirable diet, but it’s best to cover all your bases.

Eat 3-6 meals and snacks covering all the macronutrients – carbs, protein and healthy fats. Guidelines for carb intake are here.  For protein, you could stick to alternative protein sources or organic meat and poultry and a great guide on essential healthy fats can be found here.

Once you have these bases covered, make sure to add these foods in your diet:

  1. Maca – A superfood  hailing from Peru, this root-like powder is virtually tasteless and typically in powder form, making it easy to mix into your favorite meals and snacks – like oatmeal, smoothies, etc.  Maca has been known for its ability to regulate hormones , increase energy, support thyroid function and even heighten libido! This is certainly a superfood you want on your side as a woman.
  2. Bananas – This may be an “everyday” food, but that doesn’t make it any less super. Bananas are packed with vitamin B6 which is known for regulating hormones and promoting good egg and sperm development.
  3. Shellfish – You probably have already heard that oysters a great aphrodisiac, but did you know its benefits reach far beyond the bedroom? Filled with zinc, the benefits for women are positively endless. Zinc helps boost libido, decreases stress and directly (and positively) affect fertility. While oysters are your best bet, dairy also contains zinc.
  4. Almonds – You don’t have to tell us twice to get our daily almond butter fix. Filled with Vitamin E, this antioxidant has been proven to protect the DNA in both the sperm and eggs, so make sure you both get your fix.
  5. Salmon or Mackerel – Chockfull of healthy fats, mackerel and salmon are known to be an excellent supplement for females especially. They help keep the reproductive system strong and cholesterol low while keeping you full and satisfied
  6. Folic Acid – Finally, make sure you are eating foods that are rich in folic acid – something essential for women’s reproductive health. Examples include brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach and citrus fruits to name a few.

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Do you know of any fertility superfoods?


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